Here’s How the 2023 RAM 1500 Compares to the RAM 2500

Do you provide transport services within Centerville, Ohio? Or do you love camping adventures that require hauling heavy gear? If yes, then a Ram truck could be your perfect vehicle.

However, when looking for a powerful truck, you want one that can effectively haul a trailer while guaranteeing your passengers’ comfort. The team at Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CJDR) Centerville has put together this in-depth comparison between the 2023 Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 trucks to help you decide.

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Engine Performance and Towing Efficiency

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The two pickup trucks are incredible engineering masterpieces, thanks to their high-performance engines and towing capability. The 2023 Ram 1500 has four engine options: the EcoDiesel V-6, Pentastar V-6, Hemi V-8, and supercharged Hemi V-8. The Ram 2500 has two engine options: the Hemi V-8 and the Cummins turbocharged diesel engine.

The 2023 Ram 2500 has a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds, while the 1500 hauls 12,750 pounds. Therefore, the 2500 would be the perfect match if you want to haul heavy trailers.

The Ram 1500 truck has a four-corner suspension link, while its counterpart has a five-corner link system. The five-link suspension is pivotal in reducing friction during towing, as well as facilitating smoother turning on various road surfaces.  Similarly, the four-corner suspension absorbs shock and promotes a smoother ride when towing.

Interior and Exterior Features

Both pickup trucks stand out with exclusive interior and exterior design features. The Ram 1500, for instance, has impressive reclining seats and a panoramic sunroof. The exterior has a split swing door to facilitate easy access to the cargo area. And what’s more, you have three options for the wheel design measurement: 18, 20, or 22 inches.

The Ram 2500’s interior is similar to its counterpart except for a few modifications. The luxurious leather seats are incredibly comfortable, and interior accents made from real wood and aluminum add a touch of class.  For the wheels, the Ram 2500 has two main options. You can cruise on the all-terrain 33-inch tires or the 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Cargo Space and Passenger Capacity

The two trucks are nearly the same size, although the Ram 2500 is slightly longer. It spans 238.8 inches in length and 79.5 inches in width. In addition, you’ll have 57.5 cubic feet of space to carry your cargo. The Ram 1500 differs only a little at 232.9 inches long and 82.1 inches wide. It, however, has slightly less cargo space at 53.9 cubic feet. Regarding passenger capacity, both trucks have spacious cabins that comfortably seat six passengers.

Fuel Economy

The Ram 2500 and 1500 trucks are incredibly strong options for fuel economy. However, the Ram 1500 will give you a little more if you want to cover longer distances using less fuel. The 1500 has a gas mileage of 22 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, while the Ram 2500 gives you 12 mpg and 18 mpg for city and highway driving, respectively.

Trim Levels

Don’t let all this luxury fool you, though. Regardless of the model or trim you pick, you’ll unlock incredible power for any adventure. Both trucks are available in similar trim levels, and below are your options.

Ram Tradesman

The Tradesman meets the description of a robust, heavy-duty truck. It brings all the power and capability you need from a truck without compromising comfort. The interior design is equally breathtaking to ensure you have a comfortable drive.

Ram Bighorn

The Bighorn trim has a stylish, chrome complexion on the exterior surface. Like other trim levels, it offers comfort and remarkable technological upgrades. Driving the Bighorn for the first time will give you a memorable experience.

Ram Laramie

The Ram Laramie has unique 18-inch standard wheels suitable for driving on rugged terrain. It also boasts a 3D color display on the dashboard to let you perform all essential operations. A 115-volt portal is also available on the cargo bed to power up electric appliances when necessary.

Ram Limited

The Limited trim is arguably the most luxurious of all Ram trucks. It’s the premier choice from Ram’s product lineup for heavy-duty jobs. It rides on 20-inch wheels and allows easy upgrade of the basic features.

Ram Limited Longhorn

The Limited Longhorn is known for comfort, luxury, and hard work. The leather upholstery on the seats is just a drop in the ocean of what the truck offers. This trim also has exclusive features, including cargo management technology.

Ram Power Wagon

Are you looking for a truck with unrivaled off-road performance? Perhaps the Power Wagon could be what you need. It rides on 17-inch wheels and comes with a factory-rated winch capable of pulling up to 12,000 pounds.

Safety Enhancement and Technological Features

Both trucks have a head-up display that keeps essential navigation features in sight. This technology works closely with the Ram app, which allows you to enter destination-related information for easy navigation. Below are some of the primary driver assistance features included in these Ram trucks.


Trailer Light Check

The trailer light check system is an excellent accessory for visually inspecting the trailer’s condition before your journey. You can activate the system from the instrument cluster, automatically triggering the brake- and taillights.

Advanced Trailer Technology

The advanced trailer technology enables easy management of the trailer on the road. It comes with a digital rear mirror, a wired camera at the back, and a side camera. Through this system, you can benefit from improved visibility of the trailer’s surroundings so you don’t have to worry about collision when towing.

Electronic Stability Control

The electronic stability system’s built-in steering control determines the correct trailer trajectory. When you apply brakes at high speed, you can smoothly stop without swaying out of control. It also ensures stability when moving through strong winds.

Collision Warning

Ram’s ultramodern trucks have a sturdy anti-collision system that alerts you of any traffic ahead. And what’s more, the anti-collision system is directly linked to a set of emergency brakes that work continuously to prevent a collision. When the system detects an oncoming vehicle, it triggers the emergency brakes to stop you at a safe distance so you don’t bump into the car ahead.

There’s no doubt that both trucks offer incredible performance and superior features. The Ram 2500 would be the best if you want a truck to handle heavier tasks. But, if you’re looking for a light-duty truck with excellent fuel economy and engine performance, you’ll want to consider the Ram 1500. There are many other built-in features that’ll influence your choice when looking for a pickup truck.

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