Tire Rotation Service

One of the most important parts of your vehicle to take care of is the tires. Your tires go through a lot, continually running over rough surfaces, potholes, road salt, and more. With all this, it’s no wonder that our tires eventually wear down over time. However, if you want to extend the life of your tires, one of the most important things you can do is bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation service.

What Is a Tire Rotation Service?

During a tire rotation service, a technician moves each of your vehicle’s tires from one location to another. For example, they might take the tires in the front and move them to the rear axle while moving the rear tires up to the front axle. Tire rotations are an important part of maintaining any vehicle, and it’s suggested that you get this service roughly as often as you get an oil change, or about every 5,000 miles.

Your tires must be moved to the optimal location to get the most from your tire rotation. Where the tires need to go largely depends on your vehicle’s drivetrain and your own driving habits. For example, there’s a different configuration if you have rear-wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive. In addition, special tools and equipment are needed to quickly perform a tire rotation. This is why it’s recommended that you bring your vehicle to a trusted service station for a tire rotation rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Long-Term Benefits of Tire Rotations

Bringing your vehicle in for tire rotations at the recommended intervals can provide some long-term benefits, including the following:

Safer Driving

For starters, tire rotations can help protect you while you’re driving. Tires that are properly maintained grip the road better. You’ll also be less likely to experience a flat and have better stopping power. All these elements are essential if you want to be as safe as possible while you’re driving. By getting your tires rotated, you’ll ensure that they wear down more evenly, which will help you retain traction on slippery roads and stop sooner when you apply the brakes.

Longer-Lasting Tires

Tires rotations also help your tires last longer. Once your tires lose a certain amount of tread, you’ll want to replace them with new tires. Tires are an expensive replacement part, and you’ll likely want to put off replacing them for as long as you can, without sacrificing safety. When you rotate your tires, you extend their life by allowing them to wear down more evenly. This allows you to get considerably more miles from each tire and reduces the likelihood of getting a flat.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Finally, your tires also play a role in determining your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Properly inflated tires with a significant amount of tread can grip the road as intended. But once this tread starts to wear down, the vehicle needs to work a little harder to propel you forward. This, in turn, causes the vehicle to use up more fuel. If you’re interested in saving money at the gas pump and stopping for fuel a little less often, getting a tire rotation is one thing you can do.

Signs You Need Tire Rotation Services

While it’s recommended to bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation service every 5,000 miles, there are also signs you can look for that will indicate that it’s time to schedule a service visit. These signs include:

Uneven Tire Tread

You can examine your tires yourself and see whether you have uneven tire treads. There should be about the same level of tread remaining on all sides of your tires and between them. If you notice that one side of a tire is more worn down than the other or some tires look more worn down than others, you’ll want to schedule a tire rotation service soon.

Vehicle Veers While Driving

Another common sign that you need a tire rotation is when your vehicle veers while driving. If you notice that your vehicle seems to pull you in one direction while you’re trying to drive straight, one potential reason why is uneven tire tread. Other things can cause this issue, such as your vehicle being out of alignment, but in any event, you’ll want a local service station to inspect your vehicle.

Vehicle Vibrates

Lastly, see whether you notice any unusual vibrations in your vehicle while driving. A strong shaking sensation in the steering wheel when driving may indicate that you need to rotate your tires. Once again, other things can cause vibrations, but in some instances, a simple tire rotation will be all you need to resolve the issue.

Choosing Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for Your Tire Rotations

If you’re in the Centerville, Ohio, area and you’re looking for tire rotation services, look no further than Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CJDR). Here, you’ll find expert technicians who can quickly rotate your tires and inspect your vehicle to ensure that you don’t need any other services. ย Some of the other services we provide include the following:

  • Tire replacements.
  • Tire alignments.
  • Brake pad replacement.
  • Brake rotor maintenance.
  • Oil changes.
  • Spark plug replacement.

Our goal is to ensure that each vehicle leaves our service station in the best possible condition, all at an affordable price. We also know that no one wants to spend their day sitting at a vehicle service station, so we make it easy to schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. Then, we work to return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible.

Schedule Your Tire Rotation Service in Centerville Today

Get started today by scheduling your next service visit online or contacting us with any questions. In addition, be sure to check out our latest services specials for more ways to save on your next visit. Thank you for choosing Performance CJDR for your next tire rotation service, and we look forward to seeing you.