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The truck market is heavily competitive, and with stakes so high, auto manufacturers are in a perpetual battle for off-roading supremacy. With best-in-class luxury appointments, phenomenal power output, and outstanding hauling capacity, Ram trucks have emerged as the most reliable trucks that can tackle anything from dirt roads, icy terrains to bumpy mountainous trails. If you are an off-roading purist or an enthusiast around Dayton, Ohio, this article gives you the best RAM 4X4 trucks for venturing off-road.

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Ram 2500 Power Wagon

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The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is an everyday workhorse that can take you far beyond where the asphalt ends. With well-refined drivability and spectacular off-road capability, Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty truck only available in four-wheel drive. Designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts, the Power Wagon takes a herculean approach to adventure with its 6.4 L HEMI V8 engine that delivers up to 410 hp.

This truck is built on the Ram 2500 platform and is equipped with the following features:

Warn Zeon-12 Winch

The Power Wagon comes with Warn Winch that pulls up to 12,000 pounds. With its aluminum and synthetic structure, the winch is a military-grade rope that can withstand immense pressure and can tow up to 1.5 Power Wagons. The synthetic winch is a proper replacement for the wire rope, as it is lighter and stronger. If you want a Warn Winch for your Power Wagon, you can get one at our CJDR dealership in Dayton.

Electronic Disconnecting Sway Bar

The electric sway bar enhances the grip of the truck wheels as you round tight bends and traverse uneven surfaces. Rapid sway to one direction due to an abrupt change in position of the vehicle can cause body roll. For maximum off-roading capability, the Power Wagon is equipped with the disconnecting sway bays to deliver power equally to all wheels. Coupled with the locking differentials, and the sticky tires the sway bar makes the heavy-duty truck stable.

Locking Differentials

With front and rear locking differentials, you can lock the differentials electronically to deliver equal torque to all the wheels. When trailing steep slopes or extremely slippery surfaces, a locked differential sends torque to both tires of the axle, allowing at least one wheel to stop from spinning. Front and rear locking differentials are must-have features for safe off-roading.

Bilstein Gas-Charged Monotube Shocks

Because of the seamless monotube design, the Bilstein shocks fixed to the Power Wagon increase handling experience both on and off-road. The monotube shock provides excellent heat dissipation and cooling than a twin-tube shock common in other off-road trucks. With these shocks, the Ram’s Power Wagon delivers a fairly smooth ride even on a surface full of dips and bumps.

Ram 1500 Rebel

Rebellious and aggressive, the Ram 1500 Rebel combines Ram’s heritage of building robust military-like vehicles with luxurious appointments and modern styling. From its blackout grille to skid plates, the Rebel has been designed for immense off-road capability.

Hardcore enthusiasts of off-road find the 1500 Rebel fun to drive not only because it is sportier than other trucks in its category but because it is equipped with unmatched on and off-road features like steel plate protected undercarriage, 33-inch all-terrain tires, and electronic locking rear differential.  The Rebel features:

New Design

In 2019, Ram made a major overhaul of the 1500 series including the Rebel with the desire to make the trucks as luxurious as other workhorses in their class. While the inclusion of modern technologies and deluxe appointments was a milestone, the new Rebel is outfitted with a powerful V6 engine which can be upgraded to either 5.7 L HEMI V8 or light-duty a 3.0 L EcoDiesel V6 engine. It comes standard with front-wheel drive but you can always opt for the rugged 4X4 with an electronic transfer case and locking differential.

Coil-Over Suspension

Unlike other 1500 trims, the Rebel has a coil-over suspension that enables drivers to conquer rocky terrains with ease. The truck is sturdy when navigating through dips and bumps and when cruising dirt roads at high speeds. Coupled with the BDS Lift Kit, the coil-over suspension gives Rebel outstanding ground clearance, crucial for any off-road adventure.

Comfortable Ride

On and off-road, the 1500 Rebel is the best half-ton pickup truck that can offer you remarkable experience on highways and dirt roads. With a sleek infotainment system, adaptive cruise control systems, and Ram’s engineering, the truck is a delight for both adrenaline and off-road fanatics.

Robust Engineering

The Ram 1500 Rebel won the prestigious Four Wheeler Magazine’s Pickup Truck of the Year in 2019, thanks for its whole-rounded performance. Born and bred for the trail, the Rebel is equipped with skid plates, Bilstein shocks, electronic locking differentials, tow hooks, and steel chassis for powerful off-road performance. The Rebel is a combination of military-grade engineering making the truck the most resilient and reliable in its class.

The Ram 1500 TRX

The Ram 1500 TRX has won the MotorTrend Truck of the Year thanks to its powerful supercharged 6.2 L Hellcat V8 engine matted to best-in-class Torque Flite 8-speed automatic transmission. For a memorable adventure, the 1500 TRX is equipped with off-road pages, nine drive modes, a Bilstein shock system, and exclusive 35-inch tires. Here are some features that make the TRX a complete off-road monster.


The Hellcat V8 engine outpours 702 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque that tows up to 8100 pounds making it the most powerful half-ton pickup in the market. With such power, the TRX delivers high speeds on highways and off-road, while at the same time featuring a low-range ratio for rock crawling. The on and off-road modes separately control the 4×4 system ensuring that you get maximum power and comfort.


With five skid plates, five-link coil suspension, and lightweight, high-strength aluminum closures, the 1500 TRX can handle extreme conditions with great capability and durability.  The TRX isn’t any other off-road pickup truck as it combines tremendous off-road capability with excellent ride quality. With its beefed-up steel frame and a rear suspension system with active damping and a five-link coil system, the truck can drive through mud, ravines, and rocky trails with ease.

While you can still bank your money on the Ram 2500 Outdoorsman or the new Ram 1500 BackCountry Edition, the TRX, Rebel, and Power Wagon stand out as the most durable and resilient Ram off-roaders. Whenever you are ready to head to the trails with a powerful Ram pickup truck, hop into Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Centerville. You can also call us at (937) 434-9500 to learn more about our services.

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